Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Join the Group Map!

You've been invited to join our Frappr Map! You can plot your location, add a photo, and post a description to everyone else on the map.

This is the link to our map.

To add yourself to the map, click below or paste the URL into your browser:

Welcome to the new Ravelry 365 Group map. This will help us see where all our members are located. Please sign-up and add a pin for your location with the avatar you currently use on Ravelry. In your description, please list your ravelry name and your flicker name (if you use flicker). If you are listing your images on your web site or blog only, please give a link.

It's been so much fun watching images pour in from around the world and in different climates. I thought it would be fun to them all on one large map. So spread the word, and let's see if we can get everyone to participate.

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